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What is the difference between Gator Blades and Magnum Gator Blades?
Regular gator blades are .187 or .203" thick.
Magnum gator blades are .250" thick.
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What is the difference between G5 Gator Blades and G6 Gator Blades? 
G5 Gator Blades are Lighter ( Thinner ) than G6 Blades  .203" Thickness  *Easier to Rotate - Less Weight*
G6 Gator Blades are Heavier ( Thicker ) than G5 Blades  .250" Thickness  *Last Longer - Harder on Engine*
To see a more in depth review of gator mulching blades Visit The Gator Blade Review.

Gator Mulching blades are an excellent well designed and well built blade that are long lasting and do an excellent job cutting your grass. They are designed to work with your discharge chute open. The teeth on the backside of the blade to not re-cut the grass. They simply redirect the airflow under the deck, rather than focusing air on discharging the grass, they direct air towards the center of the blade. Your grass will be cut and then sucked back to the center of the blade so the clipping can be cut more than once before it is discharged. The end result is that you get less long clippings laying on top of your lawn. The clippings will be considerably smaller and it will fall down into your standing grass rather than laying on top in piles or windrows. You can block off your deck opening for leaves and it will work fantastic. If you block your deck off for grass, keep in mind you will only be able to cut a small amount of grass on each pass. If you try to cut too much grass it will fill your deck with grass and you will have to slow your mower considerably. Then if you still are trying to cut too much material the grass will start rolling out the back of the deck in balls and wads. The gator blades are not a 100% foolproof mulching solution, but they make a huge difference over conventional blades. Many customers report that they take a little less horsepower to run and they stay sharp as long if not longer than their standard blades.

In the fall while mulching leaves Gator Blades are an excellent tool. If you can block off your opening of your deck for leaves and use gator blades, they will shred the leaves into tiny confetti like pieces. After the first rainfall the leaves are gone.
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